Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Zero Friction Marketing and Affiliate Jump

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Read on for Affiliate Jump with ZFM.....

You may have seen the new release from Mike Filasime called Affiliate Jump. I think the timing on this is fantastic. Combine it with Zero Friction Marketing and you are going to do very well indeed.

What is Affiliate Jump?
Well this is an affiliate network loaded with offers on just about everything you can imagine with more coming on every day. It has been put together by Mike F and he has done something pretty spectacular with it.

Not only does he list all of the offers and give you tracking as well as on time, direct payments, BUT.......he also includes the feature to set up your own websites loaded with the offers and widgets you need.

This takes about 30 seconds and then you have a unique, slick looking website, loaded with CPA offers ready for you to start driving traffic to it.

If you then use the methods in Zero Friction Marketing to pour loads of traffic straight to your new website you are going to make a whole bunch of dollars.

Best Of All......
There is no approval process with Affiliate Jump. Its all automatic and you are guaranteed approval straight away. Then you can get on with making money.

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Monday, 17 August 2009

Treasure Coach Review

January 2010 sees the first product being launched from the unknown Ukrainian marketer known as Maksym V. Remember the internet 'pirate' who was jailed in Thailand and the US for his alleged illegal activity in 2003?

Well he has gained his freedom....back in 2006 where he went back to wrok on the web. This time his trail was squeeky clean andknow he is letting you into his secret world of treasure!

He is using cutting edge marketing techniques that no one has evn heard of. So you can forget all about web 2.0, articles, SEO, PPC, Banners and all the usual marketing techniques and avenues. This stuff is major underground league and you will be impressed.

Check out this blog for a real Treasure Coach Review

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Download Zero Friction Marketing + Bonus

On July 28th 2009, Zero Friction Marketing finally hit the internet.

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Up until the 28th it had only been released to a select bunch of Beta testers and they made a bucket load of cash. Since its launch there are tons more paying, new users that have finally found the formual for pulling in cash from the CPA marketing world.

These new methods and strategies can create an avalanche of cash, nearly on demand. CPA or Cost Per Action is something that deserves your attention. CPA offers a proven and effective way to make money online and Saj P, the course creator, has time and time again delivered hard hitting courses that have changed countless lives.

So I have taken my time in putting together a bonus package that will save you even more time and money when combined with ZeroFrictionmarketing.com

Why have I done this?

Well, Saj P's course is hot. There's a lot of people out there already implementing these tactics and techniques. Now there is room for thousands if not millions more in CPA but why not give my readers a little extra edge over the competition.

  • I am not going to give away website layouts
  • Or Wordpress themes
  • I am not going to give you a PPC guide
  • Or a lead capture page.
Why? Cos Saj has that covered in his course!

Instead I chose a couple of secret courses I used to make money with CPA way before most people even new what it was. I managed to rake in over $300 a day with a CPA offer on used gold jewellery with these techniques.

This course will teach you the inseider trade secrets to making a fortune online with CPA. No-one else is offering this Zero Friction Marketing Bonus, which gives you a cruel advantage even before you start with Saj.

CPA Cash was actually the first one I read before I ventured into CPA. Amongst other things this gave me a list of over 50 of the most reputable CPA Networks to work with and these were the ones with the highest payouts too!

In total this is a bonus of $74 dollars even before you have Zero Friction Marketing in your hands. However the edge this is going to give you over other CPA'ers and other ZFM'ers is going to be huge. Knowledge is power right? Wrong! Applied knowledge is power.

So take what you get here, combine ot with ZFM, take action and then raise your middle finger at all of those friends that think your nuts for trying to make money on the internet.

Reserve Your Bonus Offer By:

Clearing Your Cookies

Firefox Users:
* Go to Tools
* Go to Options
* Go to Privacy and then Private Data
* Click “Clear Now”
* Check “Cache” and “Cookies” and then “Clear Now”
*Click “Clear Private Data Now”

Internet Explorer 6 Users:
*Go To Tools
*Go to Internet Options
*In the “General” tab (default) and under “Browsing History”, click “Delete”* Click “Delete Files” under “Temporary Internet Files”
*Click OK and then OK again.

Internet Explorer 7 Users:
*Go To Your Control Panel
*Go to Internet Options* Under “Browsing History”, click “Delete”* Click “Delete Cookies” under “Delete Cookies “

After you have cleared your cookies, buy ZeroFrictionMarketing (and Bonus Offer) from this Link.

P.S What the heck let me throw another one in for you. Many people know I make a lot of money through article marketing. it was during my time learning this method that I stumbled across a free gift from one of the top internet article marketig guys, Travis Sago.

In short this is a method that I have used to make money from articles in 24 hours. in fact you can make up to $500 in 24 hrs.

Why does this help with ZFM? Simple. Use this method, make hundreds of dollars for free from articles and then use this to pay for your advertising costs with Bing and the other secret methods that Saj teaches.

Actually it would easily cover the cost of the course and all you need is 10 articles, which you dont even have to write yourself!

After you have cleared your cookies, buy ZeroFrictionMarketing (and Bonus Offer) from this Link.

Then just email me at richwriter1@gmail.com giving me your full name and date of purchase. Please allow me 24 hours to deliver your bonuses and I will personsally send them right over to you.

Bing PPC Success

MSN or what has now become 'Bing' has a great PPC facility. OK there are nowhere near as many searches made through Bing as there are through Google but there are still millions made every single day.

Bing is one of those underground methods that lots of marketers are keeping quiet about. The clicks are incredibly cheap in comparison to Google PPC and they allow direct linking. How great is that for CPA marketing!?

Well this is one of the reasons that Zero Friction Marketing is using Bing and NOT Google. You can drive tons of traffic straight to cash pulling offers within minutes and pay far, far less for your traffic.

So why is every other marketer telling you to use Adwords?
Well adwords is still phenomenal. Once you have regular income from CPA, yes, go and use it right away. But to start out it's simply not the most profitable route. Many gurus want you to use it though so:
1. You don't compete with them in Bing
2. So you lose money and have to come back to them for more training products.

Shameful but true. So if your not using Bing, get on it now. Then when you are a master of it - multiply your efforts and profit with Adwords later down the line.

Rule of Marketing Success

The first rule of marketing success and certainly a rule you have to master is: Create a sure fire way of generating cash easy and then repeat it.

It can be that simple, its certainly easy once you discover the sure fire method. All you have to do is then keep repeating that method and you end up neer having to worry about money again.

There are some very simple never lose systems out there. These are the real systems that a lot of the gurus are using and the one's they don't want you to know about.

They don't want you to know, so that you don't become competition and so they can repeatedly sell you expensive programs over and over again claiming to be the next mehod that will make you rich.

Saj P in his Zero Friction Marketing program tells you exactly what the sure fire methods are and how you can use them to make cash right away. He is so confident that he reckons you can have a profitable CPA campaign up within 10 mniutes !

Take a read of what some gurus are calling the general public behind closed doors at world class seminars.......This is what made Saj's blood boil with anger.

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Monday, 3 August 2009


Already Zero Friction Marketing is having a huge impact on the marketplace. It's right up in the top 3 of best selling money making programs online right now.

Better than that it is having a huge impact on what people are doing and capable of with all kinds of CPA offers. Even marketers that have never used CPA before are getting the hang of it.

I think this is so simple my Mom could get the hang of it and she is only just into sending emails!

OK on a serious note there is something coming out of ZFM and it appears to be that it's just not that hard to make money online. A lot of guru's want you to think that so you pay $1000's for the knowledge but actually it doesn't have to be so difficult.

Take a look at the video below and you can see Chris had bought all the ususal courses, got sucked into this 'money making is hard' trap but has been able to get out of that with Zero Friction Marketing and CPA.....

My Top 3 Affiliate Networks

Sorry this is such a short post but I want it to be straight to the point. These are my top 3 affiliate networks that I use. This is by no means anything other than my opinion and there are hundreds if not thousands that I haven't even tried yet, so stop by again for updates as I use more and report back.

Note: These are my top 3 for Zero Friction techniques. ie: I do not use these networks for sales. Only lead and zip code type promotions.

1. http://www.xy7.com/

Check them out to see what you think. They all have great offers for you to use and great tracking facilities.