Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Bing PPC Success

MSN or what has now become 'Bing' has a great PPC facility. OK there are nowhere near as many searches made through Bing as there are through Google but there are still millions made every single day.

Bing is one of those underground methods that lots of marketers are keeping quiet about. The clicks are incredibly cheap in comparison to Google PPC and they allow direct linking. How great is that for CPA marketing!?

Well this is one of the reasons that Zero Friction Marketing is using Bing and NOT Google. You can drive tons of traffic straight to cash pulling offers within minutes and pay far, far less for your traffic.

So why is every other marketer telling you to use Adwords?
Well adwords is still phenomenal. Once you have regular income from CPA, yes, go and use it right away. But to start out it's simply not the most profitable route. Many gurus want you to use it though so:
1. You don't compete with them in Bing
2. So you lose money and have to come back to them for more training products.

Shameful but true. So if your not using Bing, get on it now. Then when you are a master of it - multiply your efforts and profit with Adwords later down the line.

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