Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Zero Friction Marketing and Affiliate Jump

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Read on for Affiliate Jump with ZFM.....

You may have seen the new release from Mike Filasime called Affiliate Jump. I think the timing on this is fantastic. Combine it with Zero Friction Marketing and you are going to do very well indeed.

What is Affiliate Jump?
Well this is an affiliate network loaded with offers on just about everything you can imagine with more coming on every day. It has been put together by Mike F and he has done something pretty spectacular with it.

Not only does he list all of the offers and give you tracking as well as on time, direct payments, BUT.......he also includes the feature to set up your own websites loaded with the offers and widgets you need.

This takes about 30 seconds and then you have a unique, slick looking website, loaded with CPA offers ready for you to start driving traffic to it.

If you then use the methods in Zero Friction Marketing to pour loads of traffic straight to your new website you are going to make a whole bunch of dollars.

Best Of All......
There is no approval process with Affiliate Jump. Its all automatic and you are guaranteed approval straight away. Then you can get on with making money.

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