Friday, 24 July 2009

CPA Network Owner Comment [SHOCK]

Heres what an owner of one of the CPA Networks thought when he saw what was happening with Zero Friction Marketing:

"I thought this guy was doing something illegal..."

To anyone reading this my name is Sam Lozano, and I’m the owner of, CPA network. After seeing an immense volume of sales and traffic come through my network I thought this guy was doing something illegal and was ready to shut down his account!

After checking through all the stats I was shocked to discover that it was all legit! I got on his case to see what he was doing and was completely blown away. The methods and systems described in Zero Friction Marketing have resulted in the most targeted traffic and conversions I have ever seen come through my network.

Frankly I'll say it again, I can’t believe this material is being released to the general public, it is far too powerful...

Sam Lozano

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