Sunday, 19 July 2009

Zero Friction Marketing Review

Zero Friction Marketing Review

When you are looking to make money online it can sometimes be difficult to know where to start and what to believe as real or too good to be true. I always do my research and hunt around for early bird reviews or I get on the phone to one of my mentors who gats his hands on just about any product before they launch.

If he thinks they are good I use and review them too.

Take A Look At Zero Friction Marketing Here...

A lot of the research you do returns pages of results that are going for nothing but the hard sell. They offer alleged bonuses of $1000's and bundle together 100's of free software packages.

Stay away from these dudes. They aren't worth as much as they advertise and when the heck are you going to use them all anyway? Anyhow my research and review continues....

Saj P is the master when it comes to affiliate marketing and CPA marketing. All of the products this guy has ever released have been number one best sellers and have been very fondly received by the internet marketing world.

Something that totally shocked me was the video that Saj put up where he logs into one of his accounts and proves on video how he made over $700,000 in just under 7 months!

If you are a clever investor which I hope you are I reckin you can work out the investment return on a product that costs $77 giving a return of $700,000. Have you got the percentage on that yet?

These sorts of returns were only heard of with a previous CPA product called The Arbitrage Conspiracy. Do you remember that last year? It was a total earth shattering product and boy did people make a killing with Aymen's techniques but who remembers the $2000 price tag?

Zero Friction Marketing doesn't require ou to dig quite so deep.

Take a look at the video here where Saj logs into that $700,000 account live.

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