Monday, 27 July 2009

It's Pre Launch Day!

Oh yes it's here. Today you can see the long awaited video from Saj P of ZFM as he logs in live to a CPA account worth over $600,000. You will also see him speaking at an underground CPA seminar where you had to pay $10,000 just to get through the doors.

Zero Friction Marketing Review
This product contains 30 videos over 10 hours long, 4 huge ebooks(not just 1 fluffy one), 5 mind process maps and the secret Triple M method.

You will learn why he DOES NOT use adwords. And he is going to show you how to slip in the backdoor with MySpace and Bing. Interesting stuff I think.

If you want to master CPA then this is a must see, so that you simply don't get left behind everyone else that does study and learn these techniques.

Zero Friction Marketing Bonus
Beware of people offering you bogus bonuses like 100 free software programs or a package worth $4995. They most likely aren't worth that much. Plus with what ZFM will give you, you aren't going to need them anyway.

Here is my bonus to you - Don't dilute your efforts with ZFM by trying to master another bunch of programs you got for nothing. Why build ten sites with your new software when SAJ shows you how to 'borrow' one ready made from the networks?

Well now is the time of pre-launch

so head below to begin

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