Tuesday, 28 July 2009

The Shocking Story

You may have heard of an underground marketer called Saj P. He is notorious for releasing devastatingly powerful systems to suck cash FAST from the net, and has had four Clickbank best sellers.

All I can say is that I've personally seen this guys stuff and the results his students have achieved using his techniques, and this is the REAL deal.

Anyway, a short while back Saj was testing and tweaking a completely new and strange way of affiliate marketing using CPA offers and was SHOCKED to discover that he had hit an absolute goldmine in the process.

The method he almost stumbled across by accident was so damn powerful that one CPA network FROZE his account with $100k stuck inside as they thought he was doing something illegal!!

They had never seen this level of traffic and conversions come through their network so quickly, and they refused to release his money unless he showed them exactly what he was doing!

Saj didn't want to reveal his secrets and was so confident that he could easily use his method to plug into another network and make the money back super FAST that he was willing to leave the $100k on the table rather than reveal his secret system!

Zero Friction Marketing

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