Saturday, 11 July 2009

What is Zero Friction Marketing

Coming straight from the guru marketer Saj P, Zero Friction Marketing is a product based around the highly profitable world of Cost Per Action Marketing or CPA as it is more commonly called.

Saj has been making a killing with CPA long before most people knew what it was all about. His first course, Affiliate Payload became a number 1 bestseller and made a lot of people a lot of money.

Zero Friction Marketing is the hottest and freshest CPA blueprint you will find anywhere. If you are brand new the step by step 'Triple M' method will teach you how to make big profits, but even if you are a seasoned marketer there will be tons of underground systems that are totally unseen too.

Called ZFM because it allows you to make fat commission checks without having to make a sale which eliminates the 'friction' part of the marketing process.

The course consists of:
  • 30+ jam packed videos
  • 4 huge E-books
  • 5 'process maps'

This is the Elite CPA Masters Blueprint - No holes barred.

Bonuses? Beware!

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