Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Glimpse At Module Content

Here are just a few short extracts from what Saj P is going to be letting you in on with Zero Friction Marketing.

1. MSN is a waste of time – stick with Google Adwords
Wrong! The MSN search engine (now called Bing) is a cash
cow for PPC – if you know the right way to go about it. Zero-
Friction marketing proves that even though Bing may have
less traffic, that traffic can convert better than anything
Google and Yahoo affiliates are used to, at lower cost.

2. Media buys are only for big corporations
Wrong again! Many people have never even heard of media
buys, or if they have, they think it’s a strategy only companies
with deep pockets can afford. In fact, the course shows how
even beginners with a fast-food budget can get Michelin-star
results by buying advertising space on websites. Not only
that, we demonstrate how successful affiliates take media
buys to the next level and get massive traffic, at prices so low
it would make most PPC affiliates cry.

3. For social network advertising, concentrate on Facebook
That’s zero for three…In fact, we find MySpace much more
profitable – remember MySpace? Zero-Friction marketing
shows why advertising on MySpace can be a cost-effective
and extremely profitable way to target offers.

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