Wednesday, 15 July 2009

What is CPA Marketing

CPA stands for Cost Per Action or Cost Per Acquisition. Simply put it means someone gets paid when an internet surfer completes an action.

The action could be submitting an email address or even entering a zip code into a webform.

So WHO pays and who GETS paid?
Imagine Hoover vacuum cleaners want to sell a brand new cyclonic cleaner. They want to put it in front of a huge targeted audience to start making sales. How do they do it? Simple CPA.

They design a website that when a surfer lands on it they can enter their email to be placed in a prize draw to win a free model. There's the action.

They then give the website to a CPA Affiliate network. Here, people like you can get your own personal link to that Hoover website ( If you send someone to that site, through your personal link, who then enters the competition with their email. You get paid!

Your payment comes through the CPA Affiliate network who you are working with after Hoover have paid them.

Hoover are happy as they now have a lead interested in a new vacuum and can make a sale, the CPA Network is happy as they get paid from Hoover and you are happy as you get paid from the network.

This method of marketing can be extremely profitable. Many people are making thousands every day as they send thousands of surfers to lots of different offers.


It is competitive and you do need to know one or two of the top tactics in order to get the right visitors to the right pages. Too many people lose bags of money when they use PPC and send a golfer to a tennis offer for example. No action is ever completed.

Finding the right coaching and mentoring is crucial.

If you do and you start to crack some of the codes to this technique.....hold on to your hat 'cos your bank balance is going to explode with profit.

Personally, I wouldn't even attempt this kind of marketing even though profits are huge until I had got my hnds on the teachings of someone who has been there and done it, time and time again.

That's where Zero Friction Marketing comes in.

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